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Case Study

Kintek, Brisbane web design and web development company

Kintek is a leading web design and website development company based in Brisbane, Australia. They develop world class websites for national brands, government agencies and SME's. They specialise in the development of customised software for the web. Their passion is web development that really drives business online. Kintek has been an iNGENiOUS Partner for the past decade.

Kintek's goal is to help their clients to increase their reach with a targeted and compelling web presence and to make a difference in their client's businesses by helping them to reduce costs and save time by automating core business processes. Kintek's customer service is of paramount importance to them and they work together with their clients to identify opportunities now and in the future and to ensure that any project they undertake is a success.

An experienced, reliable Australian web hosting provider who cares

10 years ago, Kintek a small web development company wanting to grow for their customer needs had a standard reseller VPS hosting platform which they administered using a control panel. They found that this required a high level of support, but this support was not forthcoming from their then hosting provider. As a result, supporting the hosting took up much of their precious time. Kintek also found that, although they were a very technically minded team and capable of acquiring the knowledge required to administer the hosting, they did not have the desire or time to do so.

Kintek identified the need for a hosting provider that would give them:

  1. the support that they needed backed by strong technical knowledge
  2. the reliability and fast response time that they needed
  3. the customer service and customer care that their clients needed.

A major concern for Kintek was their ability to find an Australian hosting provider who had the same business ideals and ethics. "We were looking for a host who understood our needs and those of our clients, who could identify with our customer values and was prepared to work hard for top customer service." Kintek also wanted a partner, someone they could grow old and fat with. That is when Kintek met Ingenuity, the two connected faster than broadband, and it has been true love ever since!

Chris Kindermann, Kintek Director

Ingenuity Hosting , reliable Australian web hosting provider who cares

Ingenuity were aware that as web developers and a growing business, Kintek would require testing space, a variety of hosting solutions for their clients, a considerable amount of storage space and a quick response time to provide the level of service their customers had come to expect.

For Kintek's in-house needs, Ingenuity fit the bill by offering Kintek as much development space as required; setting up test databases, sub domains and providing ample storage space for all of their projects.

In the beginning of the partnership Kintek's client's basic websites meant basic hosting, shared hosting solutions with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 support. As Kintek rolled out their ecommerce solutions, Ingenuity were there with SSL certificates provided and installed, database hosting and data backups. When Kintek works on government contracts, Ingenuity has the GITC accreditation to support it.

Ingenuity Hosting filled Kintek's many needs seamlessly. As a small company growing into a leading web developer Ingenuity provided support to Kintek in many capacities over the decade of the partnership. "Ingenuity have never been far away for Kintek. We have always made them and their clients a priority for us. We have provided them with many forms of support including on-site assistance, server-side insights to help with troubleshooting coding issues, technical knowledge and advice regarding hosting and SEO and even meeting with their clients as an extension of their company." Peter Newsome, Ingenuity Hosting Director.

One happy partner, many happy clients and a decade of reciprocal connections

Ingenuity have maintained a relationship with Kintek and their clients for a decade and there is another happy one ahead of us. As Kintek's business has grown and their in-house requirements have changed, Ingenuity have been that perfect support always there to provide a shoulder to lean on and backing it up with the services necessary to get the job done. Currently Ingenuity are working towards PCI DSS compliancy to enable a peace-of-mind offering to one of Kintek's clients for their ecommerce site. Ingenuity will continue to adapt and grow – implementing new products, services and processes to always be there for Kintek, and all their clients, in the future.

"The hosting of websites is an important aspect of having a successful website. Kintek has had dealings with a great number of hosting companies large and small but when customers ask us if we can recommend a good provider our number 1 choice is Ingenuity Hosting because of their outstanding service. We had very many dealings with Ingenuity for nearly 10 years now and recall plenty of occasions where customers contacted us with their problems, often seriously affecting their online business. Quite frequently the problems were hosting related and it was always good to know that Ingenuity would help out quickly. Most smaller hosting companies just haven't got the know-how and experience, whilst the large providers – frustratingly – simply don't care. For us Ingenuity Hosting ticks all the boxes." Chris Kindermann, Kintek Director.