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Top 10 reasons to host with Ingenuity

Ingenuity provides an extensive range of professional web hosting, email hosting and domain name services. Our ability to provide customised online solutions with friendly, personalised customer service has assisted corporate enterprises all over Australia to create and maintain a profitable online presence.

1. Support

We are committed to providing prompt, knowledgeable, thorough and friendly support to all our customers.

2. Reliability

We operate multi-homed network infrastructure which provides extra reliability with fully meshed redundant connectivity to the Internet backbones.

3. Security

We ensure our systems are always up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates and log files are regularly monitored for suspicious activity. The Data Centre housing our equipment has multiple security cameras fitted inside and outside of the centre that records all movement within the confined area.

4. Speed

Our multi-homed network infrastructure provides better network performance for your website and email due to its diverse backbone network connectivity. Our backbone service providers have been specially chosen to ensure optimal routing to all local, Asia-Pacific and International internet destinations is achieved.

5. Location

All of our servers and network infrastructure is located in a secure data centre in the Brisbane CBD. This equipment is maintained and operated by local support and administration staff.

6. Equipment

Our systems are setup to support a wide range of operating systems. We offer both Unix and Windows hosting solutions which allow ASP, PHP, MySQL, .NET and other server-side scripting languages.

7. Scalability

None of our web hosting plans have fixed contracts, enabling us to provide a highly versatile hosting solution that grows with the success of your business.

8. Experience

Our team collectively has over 40 years of web hosting experience with proficiencies in programming, scripting, database administration, corporate networking and system administration.

9. Services

We don't just offer web hosting. Ingenuity provides a range of services tailored to your company's needs. These services include Web Development, Search Engine Optimisation, Graphic Design and many others.

10. Satisfaction

Our existing customers are extremely satisfied with our service. Read what they have to say on the Testimonials page of this site.