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The iNGEN Room

Our Network, Services and Infrastructure

Our Servers

FreeBSD Operating System on iNGENUiTY Servers

iNGENUiTY uses the 'best of breed' logic for choosing infrastructure, and as such use a mix of Dell, HP, and Cisco hardware.

FreeBSD and Microsoft Windows operating systems are generally installed on our inhouse systems.

Network Infrastructure

Ingenuity operates on multi-homed network infrastructure which provides extra reliability as well as better network performance for your website and email due to its diverse backbone network connectivity.

Our Tier-1 backbone service providers have been specially chosen to ensure optimal routing to all local, Asia-Pacific and International internet destinations is achieved. These providers are:

Optus Ethernet - 2 x 1 Gigabit / sec

AAPT / - 1 Gigabit / sec

Vocus - 1 Gigabit / sec

Pipe Peering Ethernet 1 Gigabit / sec

WAIX 1 Gigabit / sec

Auckland Peering Exchance 1 Gigabit / sec


The Data Centres housing Ingenuity's equipment are located in the Brisbane and Sydney Australia. This data centres have been constructed to the highest possible environmental standards and in accordance with industry best practice.

Power :

The Data Centre is supplied by 3 Phase 410Amp per phase building rising main. The building has a 1.5Megawatt generator, capable of supplying more than enough power for the entire building for over 30 hours. The generators are directly connected into the essential services supply and are capable of switching over in the instant there is a power failure. In the event of a power outage, the UPS will carry the load until the building generators are automatically started and start supplying power.

Environmental System:

The Data Centre has 2 separate independent 90Kilowatt Leibert under floor Air Conditioners. Each Air unit is capable of supplying the room by itself. The Data Centre has over 100 Pairs of Multimode fibre running up and down the building. The fibre run is designed to link to every Telco in Brisbane. The Data Centre is fitted with a Fire suppression system more than capable of controlling any situations that may arise. This is monitored by the building security, the Ingenuity staff and the local authorities. The system is not easily fooled, and will only activate once the temperature is 90 Degrees Celsius.


The Data Centre has multiple security cameras fitted inside and outside of the centre that records all movement within the confined area.


Redundant servers are located in Sydney and interlinked network connections exist in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to ensure the continual flow of data. Nightly off-site web server backups are performed for emergency data retrieval if all other systems fail.